You may have seen the fabulous story featuring The Morningsider Blog in The New York Times in December, but we are just one of the many blogs in Harlem that highlight civic activities, cultural happenings, new retailers, and entertainment choices in the area.

Today, we wanted to introduce a few of our favorite Harlem blogs that are must-reads before your next trip uptown (or around the corner)!  Combined, the blog network is sure to provide a wonderful guide to experience the diversity of living Uptown in the New Year.

Happy New Year from Morningsider!

Harlem + Bespoke

Harlem + Bespoke takes its name from “that which is custom made” and offers a designer’s perspective of Harlem architecture, history, arts, entertainment, and the community. As an alumnus of the prestigious Parsons School of Design, holding a BFA in fashion, Blogger Ulysses illustrates not only an impeccable taste for Harlem’s cultural amenities, but he also shows a strong appreciation for the neighborhood’s beautiful historic architecture.  The blog focuses on brownstones, home renovations, and the current housing market, providing a unique insight into historic preservation for the neighborhood.

Be sure to check out Harlem + Bespoke here: 

Harlem Gal 

HarlemGal Inc. is a blog written by a girl simply “living and loving life in Harlem.” HarlemGal posts regularly about all the wonderful things to do and see in Harlem. Blog entries focus on new businesses, arts and culture, as well as upcoming events HarlemGal herself plans on attending.  HarlemGal Inc. is also our one stop-shop for keeping up with local news, as she frequently shares links to video clips and online newspaper stories regarding community issues or featured businesses.

HarlemGal moved to Harlem in 2006 and began documenting her adventures in 2008. Harlem Gal was one of five founders of HarlemCondoLife (featured below), but has since moved on to document her own journey in Harlem. To find out more about what HarlemGal is up to check out her blog here:


Described as “your gateway to Harlem,” HarlemCondoLife was founded by five Harlem newbies who moved to the neighborhood to seek new experiences. Today, Harlem Guy, NativeNewYorker, and Icare4Harlem, HarlemHouse still post regularly about their lives in Harlem from a variety of perspectives and first-hand accounts.

HarlemCondoLife frequently posts job opportunities, real estate news, restaurant reviews, and polls, all of which help readers interact and learn about what’s popular among Harlem-enthusiasts. HarlemCondoLife also provides some intellectual stimulation by posting motivational quotations, book reviews, and playlists and podcasts.

If you’re looking for Harlem news and inspiration, we suggest starting here: 

Harlem World

Harlem World is an online, daily magazine that provides local news from Manhattanville, Harlem Heights, Central Harlem, East Harlem, Washington Heights, Morningside Park and Mount Morris Park. The site was founded in 2002 and is run by professional editors, writers, photographers, and videographers who live in or near Harlem.

With help from readers, Harlem World serves as a forum for community engagement by encouraging readers to comment on stories, share opinions, post photos and announcements, and add events.

By categorizing posts by “village,” site developers have made the site easy to navigate, allowing us to plan our trip to Harlem a breeze – whether we are headed to East Harlem or Harlem Heights. Be sure to check out the Harlem Guides, which list great local hotspots for vacationers, the spend-thrift, foodies and more!

To check out Harlem news or share opinions of your own, check out Harlem World here:


UPTOWNflavor features articles and reviews about restaurants, theater productions, new business openings, and real estate that extend from the northernmost tip of Manhattan, to 110th Street bounding the West, and 96th Street bounding the East. The blog is updated regularly by a staff of knowledgeable and local bloggers who encourage reader interaction. In fact, UPTOWNflavor is designed to serve as a virtual Town Hall meeting, in which posts are designed to stimulate conversation, letting readers and contributors discuss ideas.

The name “UPTOWNflavor” was inspired partly by Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes who once wrote “all those sweet colors Flavor Harlem of mine!” in his poem “Harlem Sweeties.”   Blog creators (correctly) assert that “folks in Harlem do things a little differently than those who live downtown, therefore they’ve got that ‘uptown flavor.’”

If you’re looking for a taste of Harlem, and see what’s the buzz among the local, definitely check out this sleek blog here: