Scott Weiland fans from around the city, New Jersey and Long Island paid tribute to the fallen rock star at an interactive tribute party held at MIST Harlem earlier this month. The event revolved around an art exhibition which highlighted a 40×50 inch oil portrait of Weiland  painted in 2014 by Morningsider’s own, Omo Misha. The portrait had been on view in the MIST gallery, along with other works, since late October – more than a month before the singer’s unexpected passing. In light of the sad news, the artist decided to hold a tribute event instead of a traditional art reception. The idea was fully supported by MIST – a state-of-the-art venue known for hosting a variety of event types, not excluding Rock & Roll. (In fact, MIST hosted the Black Rock Coalition’s 30th Anniversary event in late 2015 and will open its doors for a David Bowie tribute event on February 4th!)

The Weiland tribute event additionally featured music video presentations, a sing-along, and a live art happening in which guests and fans from around the world contributed their favorite lyrics to another portrait-in-progress. This one, at 4×6 feet, is even more monumental than the first.

Attendees came prepared to get their hands dirty by collaging their handwritten lyrics into the painting-in-progress. Between socializing at the bar, perusing the exhibition, sharing Rock & Roll stories and keepsakes, making new friends and enjoying Weiland videos on MIST’s various projection walls and screens, many even
took the time to transcribe eight pages of lyrics from fans as far away as Germany and Australia, who sent lyrics in via Facebook. For Weiland fans, who had been seeking some closure amidst widespread public bashing that continued weeks after his death, coming together to share their love for the music and the man through art was a healing exploration. One might have expected an event such as this to take place downtown, but the artist tweeted, in response to a DNAinfo article, that DNA tweet‘the party was in Harlem because she was in Harlem.’

With the participation of audience members, Greg Tate - co-founder of the Black Rock Coalition and conductor of the Burnt Sugar Arkestra - played guitar during the live music tribute. Guitarist and vocalist, Chris Munden also delivered a rendition ofPlush. Brett Buchanan, Director of AlternativeNation.net, sent in a heartfelt tribute to be shared at the event, and there was an acknowledgment of Bowie, who passed away one day before the event and who was Weiland’s greatest inspiration.

On Monday, February 1, 2016 from 6-8pm, Misha invites friends, enthusiasts and local fans to stop in on for an unofficial Happy Hour closing, before the show comes down, the following morning. She is in search of a new public space to display the collaborative fan painting and the original painting remains available for sale although, as a fan herself, she is just as happy to keep it. MIST Harlem, 46 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10026 | www.mistharlem.com

weiland lyric piece
PHOTOS: (Top left) “A Life in Rock & Roll (Portrait of Scott Weiland)” 2014; currently on view at MIST Harlem. (Middle right) Photo by Gustavo Solis of DNAinfo. (Above/Top to bottom) 1. Event photo by guest, Jason Wicks 2. Photo courtesy of MIST Harlem  3. Event photo of Chris Munden by guest, Valeria Baracco  4. Event photo of Greg Tate, Omo Misha and audience-member by Roberta Fineberg  5. Photo by the Artist of the finished collaborative painting, on view through February 1st. See more photos from the event HERE.