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Whether you like your coffee simple and black or you’re looking for a cappuccino or mocha latte, Harlem is the place to go. In addition to a number of Starbucks locations, Harlem offers a great selection of local coffee shops and cafés. While they may offer some of the City’s best coffees, they also cater to the non-coffee drinkers with a variety of teas, juices and other beverages as well as a range of snacks and pastries. Check out some of the Morningsider’s favorites below, and be sure to add any suggestions!

Lenox Coffee

Credit – Aleksandar Cosic

A recent addition to the neighborhood, Lenox Coffee is located at 60 West 129th Street between Lenox and 5th Avenues. Offering a number of specialty coffees and beverages, Lenox also provides a selection of tasty breakfast items including pastries, baked goods and bagels, and they’ll soon be adding a lunch menu including sandwiches and various other items. Lenox provides a laid back environment with a classic coffee shop vibe and creative design for visitors who want to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, or grab a snack while working on their laptops. The shop has also recently started hosting local musicians as well. For more information, please visit their Facebook page here.

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Tanto Dulce Café

Another popular spot is the Tanto Dulce Café, located at 3446 Broadway between 140th and 141st Streets. Just like its name, which translates to “So Sweet,” Tanto Dulce is a small, sweet café with a friendly atmosphere and a charming local feel. In addition to their variety of delicious hot beverages, the café also offers a mouthwatering menu of pastries, sandwiches, salads, sides and brunch items. Be sure to stop by Tanto Dulce for a cozy place to enjoy good food and company. For more information please visit their Yelp page here. 

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Il Caffe Latte

Il Caffe Latte is a terrific shop located at 189 Lenox Avenue between 119th and 120th streets. Serving up all types of coffees, teas and juices, Il Caffe Latte also has a selection of wines and beers. Aside from their wide variety of beverages, Il Caffe Latte offers large lunch and dinner menus, as well as breakfast, brunch (on the weekends) and delectable desserts. Il Caffe Latte is also home to the Brick Wall Gallery, a great place for local Harlem artists to showcase their work. For more information please visit their website here.

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