Roland LairdThere are times in life when you have the honor of watching a great human being at work and wonder at his dedication and love. As a neighbor I had the blessing to observe Roland Laird, Tenaisha Laird and their colleagues and family bring MIST Harlem and Harvist into existence as does a great sculptor reveal a work of art from simple stone. As a fellow developer, I know how hard it is to create a project a community can be proud of.  No efforts was minimized in creating MIST Harlem  and Harvist as the touching new “living room” of Harlem.  And then so soon after the opening of Harvist, Roland is no longer with us.  It make us all ponder that if this day were surprisingly to be our last, would we pass knowing that our life was well lived.  It is clear without a shadow of a doubt that Roland Laird lived his time on earth well and was a blessing to his friends, family and community.  Morningsider salutes the passing of a great treasure.

For information on funeral arrangements for Roland as well as online gifts for the family please see the link below.