Hike the Heights is an annual community hike and celebration in northern Manhattan parks. This family-friendly event invites New Yorkers to explore and celebrate the area’s natural treasures by combining physical activity, art, and fun! Hike the Heights 12 is on Saturday, June 4, 2016.  The day consists of hikes along the Giraffe Path and a community celebration in Highbridge Park.

“What is a Giraffe Path,” you-ask?

The Giraffe Path is an urban trail that connects the Cloisters to Central Park through the escarpment parks of northern Manhattan. This giraffe-shaped trail takes its shape from existing trails and streets that connect Fort Tryon Park, Highbridge Park, Jackie Robinson Park, St. Nicholas Park, Morningside Park, and Central Park.  The entire trail is about 6 miles long.

Thexevent offers an enjoyable way to learn the path (you can return and do this on your
own anytime!), while celebrating community and enjoying art along the way. Creative Art Works (CAW) coordinates the making and placing of giraffe sculptures - created by hundreds of neighborhood youth, teens, and artists at entrances to parks along the Hike the Heights route, and at the Community Party in Highbridge Park.

Hike the Heights 12 also celebrates the reopening of The Highbridge (after 40 years!), and
invites Bronx residents to walk over and join the fun! The event takes place on Saturday June 4th from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm. Meet at the Sunken Playground (167th Street and Edgecombe Avenue) or choose a park-site location from 110th Street to 175th. See locations and meeting times HERE.

Tips for the day: Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreenxand a hat and bring a refillable
water bottle. To find out more and download maps, visit www.hiketheheights.org

Hike The Heights is made possible by the CLIMB Project. The CLIMB Project is a Northern Manhattan community-based initiative founded on the belief that safe parks and neighborhoods are essential to community health, and that all communities, regardless of socioeconomic background, are entitled to access to safe parks and neighborhoods. The purpose of the project is to combat the problems of gang violence, drugs, obesity, sedentary lifestyles and displacement by engaging residents and organizations in creating a sense of neighborhood and park ownership.