With many new shops and services popping up in Harlem, the area is continuing to evolve into one
of the City’s hottest neighborhoods. Between the acclaimed restaurants, plethora of unique shops, and variety of cultural activities, Harlem is also becoming a top destination for a variety of health and wellness options.  Central Harlem is particularly well served with gyms including two branches of New York Sports Club, two branches of Planet Fitness as well as Blink Fitness. Open question, when will we be getting a spin studio!

Harlem has been host to several great yoga studios that welcome everyone from beginners to advanced yogis:

-          Bikram Yoga East Harlem is located at 4 East 116th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Bikram Yoga classes feature a series of 26 postures and two different breathing exercises that take place in a heated room – up to 106 degrees! According to Bikram Yoga East Harlem, this style of yoga is “a challenging workout that is designed for every fitness level from absolute beginner to the most experienced practioner.”   BYEH also recently expanded its class options to included Mat Pilates classes. For more information on Bikram Yoga East Harlem please call (212) 369-1830.

-          Land Yoga, located at 2116 Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 114 and 115th Streets, recently celebrated its third anniversary. Land Yoga offers a variety of different classes and workshops for practitioners of all ages and experience levels, and they are offering a new program where you can practice yoga and experience this gorgeous summer weather in Morningside Park.  For more information call (212) 866-5263 or email at info@landyoga.com

Recent additions to the health and wellness offering include Pilates and acupuncture:

balanced pilatesBalanced Pilates recently opened at 305 West 123rd Street. Pilates is a mind/body exercise system originally created by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920’s. Pilates is a conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength.  It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance.  The practice has become popular with a widening audience including athletes or dancers looking to supplement their training, seniors combating osteoporosis, pre- and post- natal moms, or just anyone getting ready for bikini season! For more information call (718) 395-3525 or email at info@balancedpilatesnyc.com





acupuncture_1248178cHarlem Chi Community Acupuncture is an affordable community acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice providing individualized health and wellness services. Harlem Chi is centrally located at 360 West 125th Street, on the 2nd floor, within close proximity to the ABCD subway stops. The mission of HCCA is to make acupuncture and Chinese Medicine more accessible, to encourage and promote the benefits of preventative medicine, and to provide a relaxing environment where patients are supported to take charge of their health and wellness goals.  As shared by Harlem Chi, acupuncture can help manage the daily stresses of modern life; ease aches, pains, and strains; reduce joint and muscle inflammation; improve digestion; fend off colds, flus, and allergies; regulate hormonal cycles; help you cope with chronic health conditions and recover more quickly from injuries and surgery.  For more information call (212) 280-7900 or email at info@harlemchi.com



harlem wellness centerThe creation of Harlem Wellness Center was a crisis that created an opportunity! Founding Director Vivian Kurutz has been providing wellness classes to the community at the New Song Community Corp. on Frederick Douglas Boulevard, which was scheduled for closing on June 2013.  Responding to a groundswell of support for continuing her service to the community, Ms. Kurutz came up with solution to launch her own wellness non-profit. Harlem Wellness Center is now in operation at the Oberia Dempsey Center at 127 West 127th Street with a full roster of health and wellness classes. In addition to yoga, the center offers combo Kukuwa® African dance workout and body sculpt, a no non-sense classic boot camp class, mix it up cardio & sculpt, total body conditioning fusion and more!  For more information call (646) 682-7993.