sleepytown1Lapacazo Sandoval is an entertainment journalist and freelance writer who went from being bullied as a child, to homelessness in New York City, to living her dream in media and entertainment. She wants to channel the courage, confidence and imagination, that helped her shape the life she desired, into a multi-cultural, multi-media platform series for children who are developing their sense of the world, and may be facing some of the challenges she faced as a child. Working as the storyteller, with a team of artists and illustrators from all over the world, she is developing The SleepyTown Collection - a  ‘bully-free children’s world zoned for love and fun for all.’

Conceived by Sandoval, SleepyTown is a cross-platform children’s book  designed to empower youngsters, and cultivate open hearts and adventurous minds. It will encompass a total of  12 unique stories that encourage young readers to try new things and “dream without fear.” Currently in production, The SleepyTown Collection is being adapted to inspire 3-6 year-olds in an intuitive and resource filled app. Each SleepyTown story addresses themes that deal with cooperation, courage, self-confidence, teamwork, diversity, peer pressure and much, much more in a magical universe where the animals have their say and planet-hopping is encouraged!


Storyteller & Journalist, Lapacazo Sandoval

Made for the new-media generation, SleepyTown is described as a place where “the book chooses the reader.” The website and mobile app will feature animation and illustrations by an international group of artists, cool narration and original music, and will allow young readers to make friends with a collection of unique animals with larger-than-life personalities. “The future is here.” Sandoval shares on the project’s campaign page. “Kids are born into a mobile world and using technology to enhance storytelling time is our goal.  Face it, it’s a new dawn and an exciting time for storytellers!”

In partnership with STRIDER® Bikes, the SleepyTown team is currently holding a contest where youngsters are being asked to submit artwork of their keys to SleepyTown. This key will open the magic door to Sandoval’s imaginary world! You can learn more about the contest, SleepyTown, and how to support this project by visiting their Indiegogo page HERE.