Harlem has its very own sprinting run club and anyone is welcome to join!

We.Go.Fast(ish)  was founded by Marcel Dinkins, CPT, and offers “common sense cardio” workouts that have been professionally designed  help participants reach optimum levels of strength, speed, and fitness. Marcel is a certified trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. “I place considerable importance on strength, both physical and emotional,” she shares on her website, “Knowing that I am so much stronger than my obstacles that I am so much stronger than my challenges is what continues to catapult me toward my next adventure.”

Marcel invites you to join her on at least one of those adventures every Wednesday night for a fulfilling fast or fast(ish) run. The club is open to all levels and meets Wednesday evenings at 6:45pm on the corner of 120th Street & Lenox Ave.

Join We.Go.Fast(ish) HERE, meet them on the avenue, or contact for more information.