Dear Morningsider Community,  

Please do see message below from Council Member Jackson of West Harlem on Sandy:

Dear Neighbor,

As we come to grips with the tragic disaster of Hurricane Sandy, I am grateful for the outpour of support that my community and all New Yorkers have shown during this time of need.  Although, Northern Manhattan was mostly spare, we cannot forget the devastation felt by so many of our neighbors.  Millions of New Yorkers’ lives have been turned upside down in the force of sudden displacement, homelessness, and lack of electricity, gas, water, food, and transportation.

During the week, my staff and I were in constant communication with community leaders and the Commanding Officers of the 26, 30th, 33rd, and 34th precincts.  Throughout this ordeal, great leadership has been shown by all.  In response to the hurricane, my community offices in Harlem and Washington Heights (WH) have remained open to help those affected by the hurricane.  We continue to impart crucial information in helping all of us to get back on our feet.  I have personally gone to lower Manhattan, via train and bike, to help with the distribution of food, water, and other essential items.

Here is a list of some organizations that are helping people and businesses in disaster relief:

-       Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – To apply for this program please contact FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or visit:

-       The Legal Aid Society is providing Disaster Relief Legal Assistance for families and individuals affected by the storm.   Please visit for a list of services and local offices in the area or call the central telephone number at 212-577-3300.

-       Small Business Administration – For application information, please call 1-800-659-2955, visit or email

Lastly, I would like to applaud our First Responders, Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn, the Office of Emergency Management, Transit and Sanitation workers, Parks Department, our staff, various city agencies, and all the volunteers working around the clock supporting those in their darkest hour.  I urge all my constituents to stay informed and help any way possible.  Every bit counts!  It’s during these difficult times that we realize we are all brothers and sisters, united under one cause.  Let’s continue to reach out to our most vulnerable – our elderly, our disable, our young- to make sure that they are getting all the help needed.

If you have any questions, want to volunteer or need any additional help; please don’t hesitate to contact my community offices at 212-928-1322 (WH) or 212-234-0551 (Harlem).

In Unity,

Robert Jackson

7th Councilmanic District-Manhattan