oseiFor your New Year’s Eve celebration we recommend checking out the new creation of the father and son team Bernardo Rubie and Osei Rubie, which recently opened in mid December. These seasoned businessmen and Harlem residents felt it would be a major benefit for the community to enliven the corner of 124th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, as opposed to finding a location established restaurant corridor on Lenox or Frederick Douglass Avenue. You heard it here first on Morningsider: Adam Clayton Powell is the place to be in 2015….in 2104 we welcomed both Besame and Ponty Bistro Harlem. And there is more to come.

We digressed, back to New Harlem Besamse…The blended Latin Soul menu truly embodies Afro-Latino cuisine and is designed to showcase the most preferred dishes of Latin countries with a touch of soul. New Harlem Besame boasts a flavor-filled including ribs marinated in guava sauce, chicken breast marinated in garlic sauce, its authentic recipe for guacamole, jerk chicken wings and much more that will leave customers salivating. The drink menu will include iconic Latino drinks. New Harlem Besame will also offer a full assortment of tequila to tantalize the palate while patrons engage in the ambiance and enjoy live music.

Located in the exact location of boxing great and businessman Sugar Ray Robinson’s Harlem Renaissance restaurant and bar ‘Sugar Ray’s’, New Harlem Besame honors this legacy through art. Other visually pleasing works include a unique, hand-crafted mahogany wood piece imported from West Africa that makes the restaurant immediately feel like home!

A family of entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and self-taught cooks precedes this father and son team. The father and Grandfather, Denis Rubie, lovingly known as Don Dennis, owned and operated a hotel and restaurants in Costa Rica. This team will continue the legacy of entrepreneurship through the opening of New Harlem Besame Restaurant. Bernard and Osei Rubie have a commitment to the community of Harlem and will seek to provide jobs to long-time residents of the community.

We wish them the best of success and many besames more.