who we are exhibition-650WHO WE ARE – an exhibition featuring art from the Broadway Housing Communities Collection – is now on view at City College’s Windows on Amsterdam Gallery. The exhibition opened on August 1st and continues through September 30th, with a reception to be held on Friday, September 18th.

Assembled to engage and reflect the Latino communities of West Harlem and Upper Manhattan,  WHO WE ARE celebrates the rich  traditions and legacy that underlie and vivify these neighborhoods. The exhibition was inspired, however, by the BHC collection itself: A collection that has grown out from the people and populations the organization serves.  This selection of paintings, photographs and mixed-media compositions  were pulled primarily from Broadway Housing’s Dorothy Day building at 135th and Riverside; they are a mere expression of the role art plays in transforming lives for Broadway Housing. From permanently installing meaningful and inspiring art throughout their buildings, to developing breathtaking art galleries such as Rio I, Rio II and now Rio III, and certainly to building the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling (which celebrates its opening October 3rd!), BHC lives and proves the power of art!

Located at 136th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Windows on Amsterdam essentially translates as a public art space, as it is viewable 24/7 and even thought to be particularly dramatic at night. As its name implies, the gallery is a large window display, perched on the college’s elevated North Academic Center (NAC) Plaza and overlooking a bustling Amsterdam Avenue. Reinventing this under-utilized corner real estate into a gallery two years ago was the result of some creative vision on the part of City College Center for the Arts. The gallery provides an intimate and unique look at art, for the surrounding neighborhood as much as the CCNY community, without anyone ever really having to go inside. It seemed only apropos here, to plant an exhibition that speaks to the members of the immediate community – it is they who spend the most time with the exhibits, long after the CCNY staff and students have retired.
Featured artists include Virginia Ayress, Angelica Santamaria, Nancy Reyes, Viviana Puello, Luis Leonor, Juan Valoy and Tau Battice.

The reception is FREE and open to the public: Friday, September 18, 2015, 5:30-8pm. Windows on Amsterdam Gallery, Amsterdam Ave, @ 136th Street. Contact Omo Misha for more information: 347.339.9812 or info@omomishagallery.com

WHO WE ARE has been presented in curatorial collaboration with Ana-Ofelia Rodriguez, Broadway Housing Communities’ Director of Community Development, with additional support from Ellen Baxter, Executive Director; Mary Ann Villari, Managing Director, and; Rafaella “Betty” Capellan, Artist and Educational Advocate.

IMAGES: Luis Leonor on cover art (top left). Juan Valoy (above right).